Zhejiang Ruideli Automobile Components Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter called for Ruideli), established in 2004, an affiliated organization of Zhengyu Industry Company which is held by SOYO GOUP CHINA. Ruideli is located at Deqing Economic Development Zone. At present, Ruideli has more than 150 employees, of which 20% are technical management personnel. Ruideli has a factory area of 35,000 square meters with the building area of 21,000 sq...
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Policy: Customers first, Continuous Innovation Perfection Quality; Create the perfect quality, Beyond Customers' Expection,Quality target: Customers' satisfaction ≥88 scores; Qualification ratio under first acceptance check ≥99%; ZERO PPM for delivered-products≤ 100PPM; Three Guarantees PPM for delivered-products≤ 300PPM; On time delivery rate: 100%.[More]
  • Automatic tensioner
    Belt tensioning device for automotive transmission systems. The tensioning wheel is mainly composed of a fixed casing, a tensioning arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing, a spring, a bushing, etc., and can automatically adjust the tensioning force according to the different degrees of tightness of the belt, so that the transmission system is stable, safe and reliable...[More]
  • Easy fault determination guide
    When a fault occurs, first turn the pulley to be flexible, the bearing is intact, no stuck, turn the tensioning wheel by hand Whether the arm has tension or not, if there is no above fault, the tensioner problem is eliminated, and the following failure modes are required for investigation and analysis: Abnormal wear of the belt, abnormal wear on the surface of the tensioner... [More]
  • R&D process
    Accessory belt drive system development process cycle. [More]
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    Quality assurance
  • 02
    Automatic tensioner
  • 03
    Fault determination guidance
  • 04
    R&D process
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